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GeoSensorX(GSX) was founded by visionaries that set out on a mission to transform and simplify how the IoT/Edge Hardware is developed, connected, integrated, installed, and deployed in the field.

For that vision and mission, GSX delivers easy-to-deploy hardware that connects to the GSX Cloud, enabling its customers to integrate and ingest mission-critical data from the field in no time.

The IoT/Edge Hardware that was built for this mission by the US-based engineering team focuses on location, telematics, engine diagnostics, video telematics, temperature monitoring, and an expandable wireless sensor network using state-of-the-art technologies, AI/ML algorithms, best design and development practices with a single vision for exceptional quality and simplicity of use.

GeoSensorX has one mission – Connect Everything. Providing a single solution model that combines both hardware and platform software is the future of the IoT - GPS, video telematics, mobility, edge, and cloud AI solutions for software solution companies that are seeking rapid growth in best-in-the-class product deployment.

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