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The Telematics Data Gateway

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The DG-800 is an IoT data gateway designed to support enterprise applications that require a secure configurable edge processing solution for a wide range of mobile assets from light, medium, & heavy-duty trucks, mobile assets such as heavy equipment, as well as stationary assets.

The DG-800 was purpose-built for high-speed, high bandwidth applications that can benefit from the LTE Cat4 connectivity it provides. The gateway was designed to support video streaming, Wi-Fi hotspot capability for up to 10 devices, Bluetooth connected sensors and asset tags.

A 72 channel GPS receiver paired with a 6-axis IMU consisting of both an accelerometer and gyroscope ensures precise, real-time location is recorded even in challenging geographies.


With built-in flash memory, the DG-800 stores information to ensure if cellular coverage is not available, when it is restored your solution critical information is always retained.

A back-up battery ensures that the GSX cloud can report on the health, and power status of the DG-800 for monitoring of device tampering, or power interruption. A built-in speaker enables the ability for in-cab audible feedback.

Plug and play installation options using y-splitting cables deliver a fast, and easy deployment model, while still offering a secure and discreet installation with flexible mounting options.

The DG-800 contains internal cellular and GPS antennas to ensure the installation can be completed in just a few minutes.

The optional external GPS antenna ensures that the DG-800 can be deployed in any environment, even ones with limited space for optimal GPS signal.

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