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AI Dash Camera

The GSX DC400 is a dual lens in vehicle dash camera that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Vision (MV) to trigger real-time events, in-vehicle audible warnings, and driver coaching using the GSX AI/ML algorithms.


The road facing Full HD video camera is equipped with night vision capability for working 24/7 in all lighted and weather conditions, built for monitoring following distance, or tailgating, forward collision warning, and  lane departure warning.



The driver facing HD video camera is a wide angle lens that delivers a full view of the vehicle cabin and is equipped with InfraRed technology to enable day and night monitoring of driver behavior including inattentive driving, distracted driving, cell-phone use, fatigue, drink/food while driving, and smoking in the vehicle.

The DC400 includes HD audio for providing in-cab instant feedback and driver coaching when the critical events or warnings are triggered by the DC400 machine vision processing engine. The events are integrated into the GSX Cloud to trigger alarms that are sent to the GSX customers in real-time as well as clips of event-triggered video also delivered in real-time. These data are consumed through the GSX Cloud API available for the subscription for an ease of integration into existing customer software applications.

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